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Caillou Painting GameCaillou Coloring Game
Caillou TrainDress Caillou
Caillou Memory GameCaillou Jigsaw
Caillou Games
Caillou Jigsaw Caillou Jigsaw
Choose the difficulty of the puzzle and put the picture together to see a nice picture of Caillou and his friends.
Caillou and Rozie Caillou and Rozie
Paint Caillou and Rossie and make them look real cute. Use the paint brush and the colors on the left.
Dress Caillou Dress Caillou
Caillou needs your help to get dressed so that he can go outside and stay dry even in the rain or play out in the sunny day. Choose the right clothes for Caillou depending on the weather outside.
Caillou Train Caillou Train
Click on the arrow button to start the game. Place the railway tracks in the right places so that the train can get Caliiou to the next station.
Caillou Painting Game Caillou Painting Game
Paint various pictures of Caillou. In these pictures, Caillou is swimming, playing soccer, bicycling, playing baseball - make him look cool and great!
Caillou Follow The Stars Caillou Follow The Stars
Click on the stars in the sequence in which Caillou hears the sounds. A memory game where you need to use both your visual and hearing skills.
Caillo Spelling Game Caillo Spelling Game
Choose a word and then spell the names with the letters in the boxes. A fun Caillou word game for little kids.
Caillou Puzzle Caillou Puzzle
Place the puzzle pieces together so that they match with the background image of Caillou. You can also remove Caillou's background picture and play the game.
Caillou Memory Game Caillou Memory Game
Match the cards of the same picture together in this Cailou memory game.
Caillou Make Puzzle Caillou Make Puzzle
Fit the puzzle pieces to make a picture of the adoring 4 year old boy, Caillou.
Caillou Coloring Game Caillou Coloring Game
Color your favorite characters from Caillou with tons of colors. Have fun letting your creative mind flow!

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